Silver’s Time Has Come— Again

Silver’s Time Has Come— Again
American Eagle Silver Dollar

In the past few weeks, Gold has traded up to xxx an ounce— up xx% from Une’s Xxx 2020 low. Gold hit an all time Of $?.?? in U.S. Dollars. Silver has not. At least Silver has not yet come close to the all time xxxx high of xx an ounce. It’s trading today at $xxx which we believe is a real bargain in a rising precious metal’s market.

Silver Up xx% Since xxxx Market Bottom
Before you feel sorry for Silver, the precious metal traded up 18% in August 2020. For the year, Silver bullion has gained xx%. From the xxx low of xxxx, Silver has soared to by xx% and reached a high of xx an iunce.

Let’s compare market to market gains in the past 12 months…

In the past 12 months…
Silver has soared by 54%, 
Gold increased by 35%

S&P 500 by up 14%
Dow Stock Index up a paltry 3.9%

Silver has been volatile, Gold has been volatile, and U.S. Stocks have been crazy. Right after I wrote this article and produced these charts, the DOW fell Xxx points, Tesla lost % in one day while Apple lost %

At the moment, volatility is crazy! And yes, it could get far worse to the downside.

We are what can only be described in the beginning of a rush into precious metals. We believe 100% gains for Silver are a distinct probability during these times of political upheaval, social unrest, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and wild borrowing and massive government spending to patch back together the U.S and world economies. Stocks are in for a day of reckoning when the reality of it all hits investors like a brick.


Both Gold and Silver prosper during times of global instability… before, during, and right after. This Silver chart tells us the story. There were two Silver spikes driven by waves of investors who suddenly discovered Silver leading up to 1980 and again before 2011… that’s well after the 2008 Stock Crash and housing meltdown thing.

In panic waves, Silver sees small and large investors scared away from the Stock Market eagerly searching for safety, security, and alternative gains. When that happened, the phones rang off the wall. We sold $10,000 Silver Packages, $100,000 and many million dollar “special delivery” Packages transferred by armed guards right to our client’s bank vaults.

We tend to push Silver hard especially in the early years when few people are considering Silver, but Gold is already hot, hot, hot. We do that because Silver prices tend to follow Gold up, but there are distinct moments when, by comparison, Silver is clearly the undervalued choice.

We remember with pride how many Silver investors jumped in while Silver was still under $10 an ounce and watched it soar past $50. Unfortunately, those who learned about Silver too late, near the peak, did not fare so well.

If you’ve heard little to nothing about the 18% gains for Silver in August, I offer that to you as proof that Silver is a hidden investment, a shiny gem that we feel won’t be left far behind Gold.

Gold is trading in the $1,900-$2,000 high end range, near all-time highs. Silver has a long way to top $50 an ounce… before this bull market peaks out, Silver may exceed $100 an ounce. We’ll see.

It is during this time that Silver is most highly undervalued, in our opinion, and had greatest upside with the least downside risk.

Stocks vs Precious Metals

As the darlings of high tech stocks soar to nosebleed evaluations, Silver is completely overlooked. There are probably no investments less high tech than a handful of Gold Coins and Silver Dollars.

For a dozen reasons I could list to buy Silver Now, none is as potent as the pure profit potential we see ahead in the next 3 to 5 years. Maybe a double maybe a triple. We can’t just can’t image the DOW trading near 60,000 in the same time frame.

That’s why we believe Silver is an investment whose time has come again.

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