Profit—Loss 2020 by Asset Class

Here’s a look at how all major asset classes performed over the course of the year. Topping many of the asset classes were Silver and Gold. For a variety of reasons, we feel the bull markets in Silver and Gold will be top performers in 2021 as well.

Asset Class 2020 Return Asset Type
Silver 47.4% Precious Metal
Gold 24.6% Precious Metal
U.S. Small Caps 18.5% Equities
U.S. Stocks 15.5% Equities
Emerging Markets 14.6% Equities
U.S. Corporate Bonds 9.7% Bonds
Europe, Australia, Far East 5.1% Equities
U.S. Treasuries 3.6% Bonds
Canadian Stocks 2.8% Equities
Commodities -6.6% Commodity
U.S. Dollar -6.8% Currency
U.S. Real Estate -8.4% Real Estate
Crude Oil -21.5% Commodity