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December 01, 2023

$500 Sign Up Bonus at McDonalds…. Do What?

$500 Sign Up Bonus at McDonalds…. Do What?

In a world that often feels turned upside down, there was proof again in a sign in front of a McDonalds that said— “HIRING $500 SIGN-ON BONUS.”

Yes, that seems incomprehensible me, simply upside down.

Let’s see, we’ve been paying $300 a week EXTRA unemployment benefits to workers who stay at home— then wonder why millions of folks don’t rush back to work to flip hamburgers. My hamburger, fries and Coke cost me an inflated $9.15 today… so we see who’s paying for that bonus.

More Stuff That’s Upside Down

Weirder still, the government sent me and my wife checks for $600, another $600 each and then topped that off with a $1,200 check. The Federal Government created every dime of that money out of thin. Now, that’s upside dow. Worse yet, if anyone doesn’t need a government handout, it’s my family. 

More upside down thinking: Biden’s buddies pretty much shut down drilling for oil in West Texas, then they wonder why gas prices went from two bucks to as high as $3.12 a gallon like I saw yesterday in a very idle West Texas oilfield.

Then there’s the anti-vaxers. We have friends in Austin who are over 65 and others about to retire from incredibly smart high-tech jobs. But, they foolishly refuse to get a Covid vaccination. I still love them even if their priorities on staying alive don’t make sense to me.


Then, let’s discuss the Federal Reserve that prints over $6 Trillion Dollars in 18 months, Congress doles it out, and then everyone seems shocked that consumer prices soar and inflation is everywhere.

At the state level, the California governor does just about everything he can to run off rich residents and high tech businesses to Texas, then can’t believe his citizens are trying to recall him.

In my home state, the Texas governor does everything he can to spread Covid then wonders why many Hospital Emergency Rooms have no beds available this week.

Northerners have their problems too. In the midst of the “Me Too Era” the New York governor finds he can no longer turn women upside down and hope they’ll keep quiet. Hey Gov, your sins will find you out, always.

Yes, it’s a world turned upside down.

You Can’t Fix Stupid

How about that guy that likes to say— “You can’t fix stupid!” Boy is he right on the money about government. People laugh when he says it, but maybe that explains our upside down world.

We elect personable, good looking idiots, who know how to suck money from wealthy supporters, promise us anything, get elected— and we all suffer the consequences.

Next election, we toss a bunch of them out and the next group of numskulls takes over power for a while. But ultimately, we aren’t seeing the brightest bulbs presenting us with shining lights we’re eager to follow. America needs leaders not dim wits.

Yeah, I’m older now. I’m cynical. I don’t trust the government either. I worry that money will become worthless…. Uh, I mean worth less and less. I too watched us shut down the military airport then could not get Americans out with only airport left in Afghanistan.

Hope for Better Days

Here we are with 9/11 upon us again. The sorrow and sadness still persists 20 years later. Lessons seemingly go unlearned about Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Doesn’t anyone in Washington know anything about history?

My solution? I have no solutions, sorry. I only pray for our once great nation. The people have never lost their greatness, it’s our blind leaders that have lost sight of everything that’s truly important.