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February 25, 2024

Silver Coin Highlights the Simpsons

Silver Coin Highlights the Simpsons

The Simpsons have been the most dominant animated carton on TV from 1989 to present. To honor the Simpson’s, the Perth Mint has just released a large 2-ounce Silver Coin struck in .999 fine Silver depicting Homer Simpson of The Simpsons.

A Silver collectible coin like this appeals to all ages and worldwide demand is sure to be highly popular.

The officially-licensed Homer Simpson Silver Coin exhibits on the reverse the grinning character whose show is broadcast to more than 60 countries in 20 languages.

The Simpsons has been running since 1989 and, in 2018, it became the longest-running prime time, scripted show in television history. An official effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse.

The 2021-dated coin has a face value of 2 Tuvaluan dollars (TVD) which is the currency of Tuvalu, an independent island nation within the British Commonwealth. The country has never had banknotes of its own, and has been issuing coins since 1976, according to Perth Mint officials. The Tuvaluan dollar is used as a unit of account and is pegged to the Australian dollar at parity.

Mintage is capped at 2,000 and the coin retails for US $167.64.

The Perth Mint had also issued 2019-dated Simpson character silver bullion coins including the infant Maggie and Homer’s wife, Marge.

It’s not an investment but it is a fun and interesting way to bring new collectors into the hobby.