Big Election Day Win as Gold Tops $1,900

Big Election Day Win as Gold Tops $1,900

On Election Day in the United States, Gold again crossed above $1,900 an ounce. This is impressive and a key trading area. Even before the election uncertainty, precious metals were having a fantastic bull market run.

This year, Gold’s Bull Market is enjoying 25.4% gains.

Silver is not second best, but #1 with 35.78% gains in 2020.

The DOW Index has lost 3.71%

As Wave 2 of the pandemic shuts down countries in Europe again, it’s inevitable that there will be a similar trend in the United States. Stocks hate uncertainty. Gold and Silver outperform in the same times.


Stocks Stutter, Precious Metals Soar

This period of political turmoil, Wave 2 COVID Pandemic shutdowns and billions of dollars of negative political ads have created a stressful period of unprecedented negativity. This has investors very worried.

We feel precious metals are just beginning to be take up the cash and bond slack in portfolios.

If you’re going to earn little to nothing on government Bonds and cash, why not bet on 2020’s big winners long term— Gold and Silver.

I own Gold and Silver, I love Gold and Silver. With a Stock Market, a Bond Market and even ETFs being propped up by the Federal Reserve, I want to hold objects with inflation-proof futures. Right now, there’s massive monetary inflation, we’ll see if this launches into a decade of price rises too.

The overhang of election uncertainty could create a sudden surge in Gold and Silver buying in coming days.

Recommendation: Buy Gold, buy Silver before the price gets away from you.