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December 01, 2023

Boom, Bust, Inflate… Inflation Ouch!

Lying dormant behind Washington’s best efforts to suppress the real inflation numbers, suddenly day to day inflation is breaking out in the headlines about food inflation.

Global Food Prices at Six-Year High Are Set to Keep On Climbing…

Food Inflation is Real and Growing…

Prices are at their highest in six years, threatening to slow post-Covid recoveries…

Food Prices Jumped 18% Since May 2020

This article is about inflation you will not see reported in “official” figures. It’s important to know that food and energy are not reported in so-called U.S “headline inflation” new releases. Thankfully, there are other sources for the facts other than Washington.

“A United Nations gauge of food prices has jumped 18% since May, as adverse weather, government measures to safeguard supplies and robust demand helped fuel rallies across agricultural commodities from grains to palm oil. Prices will likely climb further, the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization said.”

—BLOOMBERG Jan 7, 2021

Why Are Prices On the Rise?

When there’s a Stock Market Crash, the Federal Reserve rushes in newly created Dollars by the Trillions. Last year, well over $3 Trillion Dollars were rushed in to fill the economic void created by the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdowns and shutdowns.

Did the stimulus work? Yes, it drove U.S. Stock Indexes through the roof! The Trillions of stimulus quickly worked into the food supply to move prices up 18%.

From a Boom > Bust > Monetary inflation to real dinner table inflation. Inflation is the inevitable result of Central Bank money creation.

Interestingly, this bad news about food inflation has been reported more widely than usual. Over time the public will become more aware of day to day rising cost. We feel this is just the beginning of waves of inflation that lie ahead in 2021. Energy will rise next.

As President Biden and the Democrats move into power, gasoline prices will further alert the public that inflation always comes in waves. With another $1.5 to $2 Trillion Dollars in stimulus on the way, you want to carefully reconsider the impact inflation could have on you personally.

Prepare now to defend your life savings while there’s time.