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December 01, 2023

Come to America- Free Hotel Rooms!

Come to America- Free Hotel Rooms!
Water Show at Bellagio

Attention World— come to America, we have free hotels with cable TV, internet, AC, free breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ooops, we forgot to mention free health care.

Many illegal aliens are now rewarded with free room and board by a Biden administration plan that’s a shocker.

Meanwhile, underneath the freeways of Austin, the homeless tents are stacking up with Americans who can’t find work, are not looking for work or simply can’t work. Many of them are here illegally too!

Shocking Waste of $86.9 Million

The Biden administration awarded ICE an $86.9 Million Dollar contract for hotel rooms to provide temporary shelter and processing for families, not expelled from the United States, but placed in immigration proceedings.

The contract provides 1,239 beds and “other necessary services.”

Expect Millions to Pack Up and Head North

At, let’s say, a swanky $150 a night motel room in Las Vegas, that $86.9 Million Dollars will pay for 580,000 nights of room and board for illegal aliens— law breakers, people who refused to get in line to come to America.

(Ooops, we forgot to mention the free pools will be open soon. And did we mention the air conditioning?)

Travel Brochures Being Printed Now

What’s next? America has plenty of empty cruise ships we can place strategically along the Gulf Coast and Pacific cities and house illegal aliens. If they’re not moving, $150 a night sounds about right.

If we can’t keep the 580,000 nights of free hotels packed, we’ve got thousands of idle passenger jets available to fly more illegal aliens into America. Perhaps, we could arrange for non-stop service Mexico City to Washington D.C. too. That would be nice.

When you just created $1.9 Trillion Dollars out of thin air, to help distressed Americans during the pandemic, a mere $86.9 Million Dollars for people coming here illegally is nothing. Nothing!

Government Run Amok

When will politicians in Washington learn we cannot live free at someone else’s expense? All of us will eventually pay for the $5 Trillion Dollars of recently created new debt.

Who pays? When? How?

Printing press money, created out of thin air, must be repaid either with higher taxes or through the process of inflation. Either way, expect a reduced standard of living for our children’s children. 

Future generations will look back at us and decry the time when we gave up their freedom and liberties in exchange for a check or two in the mail.

Having Native American blood cursing through my veins, I’m free to say—

Government is the ultimate “Indian giver.” Washington gives and Washington will take away… EVENTUALLY .