Good News About Covid-19

The Wall Journal reports on Wed Feb 10th…

Brutal Covid-19 Surge in the U.S. Weakens Significantly…

ā€œNewly reĀ­ported cases have dropped 56% over the past month, based on a seven-day avĀ­erĀ­age, markĀ­ing a sigĀ­nifĀ­iĀ­cantly steeper fall than the U.S. saw afĀ­ter the spring and sumĀ­mer surges.

HosĀ­piĀ­talĀ­izaĀ­tions have deĀ­clined 38% since Jan 6. The seven-day avĀ­erĀ­age of Covid-19 tests reĀ­turnĀ­ing posĀ­iĀ­tive fell over the past week to 6.93%, the lowĀ­est since Oct. 31.ā€

Read the article in the Wall Street Journal

Austin Report Commentsā€” As vaccinations rev up, thereā€™s more light at the end of the tunnel, but the economic impact of the pandemic goes on with schools closed in some areas, businesses remain locked down, and the United Kingdom locked in. President Biden’s additional $1.9 Trillion Dollars of stimulus, all money created out of thin air, still hangs in the balance.