Gold— Right on the Money!

  • The future is looking bright for gold prices as the year unfolds…
  • To the surprise of many, gold has been the best performing asset class since 2000
  • We feel gold is setting up for the next leg of an historic bull-run.

The Austin Report has been “right on the money” as you can see from predictions we made in our April 2017 Gold Market update. Now we’re moving into Fall of 2020. While our past forecasts proved quite correct, the financial world has changed radically during the Trump administration and in the face an economy killer called COVID 19. What’s next?

Wall Street vs Main Street vs The Real World

The best place to start talking about Gold is to look at how other Wall Street observers are feeling about U.S. Stocks. Look at these headlines..

Date –
The Great Disconnect Between Main Street And Wall Street … › article › 4369293-great-disconnect…

Aug 17, 2020 – What explains the widening gap between Wall Street and … › opinion › finance › 512232-what-explain… …Disconnect Between Wall Street and Main Street | BNY › our-thinking › disconnect-betw..

June 13, 2020 – A fresh stock-market crisis will emerge from the ‘breathtaking … › story › beware-of-these-widely-…Jun 13, 2020 – In the face of a breathtaking disconnect between Main Street and Wall Street, largely based on overconfidence in free money, my sense is that …

The Obvious Blue Swan Event— COVID19

Who could imagine a tiny flu virus being the great disrupter to the Trump Administration, the U.S. economy, China, Europe, the world? But, if you lived where your internet could only see this chart, you might think America’s economy is rip-roaring, everyone’s at work, kids were in school, colleges are back, the football season is starting, and a great Christmas season is ahead for retailers. You might be thinking about taking the family out to your favorite restaurant after church on Sunday.


a bubble where you the Stock Market, you might believe

We see the breathtaking disconnect between Main Street and Wall Street, as the greatest example of “Fake News” of my lifetime. Washington believes if they paste a few Trillion Dollars of newly created money over the pandemic disaster, it will somehow

Let’s Have A Reality Check

largely based on overconfidence in free money, my sense is that there remains a crisis ahead that will emerge ‘gradually, then suddenly,’” he wrote, referring to Ernest Hemingway’s famous quote from “The Sun Also Rises” about going bankrupt, “gradually, then suddenly.”

Trump Should Be Great for Gold 

For President Trump to get American trade going, long-term, he must get the value of the dollar down from its lofty perch. A consensus is growing that the new President will become the “Inflation President,” and we can’t think of anything better for gold than old-fashioned, Carter-style inflation.

“Trump is about to make inflation great again.”