How Covid 19 Won An Election

How Covid 19 Won An Election

It’s was obvious a year ago that Trump was a shoe-in for re-election. It was obvious to Democrats. It was obvious to China. A strong economy, rising wages, lowest unemployment in generations, minorities finally working.

The one way a Democrat could win is if they impeached President Trump. They tried. They failed. They floundered. They needed something else.

In China, Trump was destined to break the Asian powerhouse’s dream of becoming the world’s largest economy. Trump was the one man in the world who could cost them Trillions of Dollars. Trump threatened to siphon jobs back to America. Trump had to go.

In the Trump era, Hong Kong protests threatened China. Trump supported their freedom and independence. China very unhappy. The powerful, rich leaders must keep control, must keep people working. Only growth, stealing jobs, being the world’s leading manufacturer could keep up their amazing history of growth.

Meanwhile, back home in America, the word socialism was coming from the mouths of politicians for the first time in generations. Socialism, really? The one Socialist in the U.S. Congress, Bernie Sanders, ranted and raved, waving his hands offering to forgive more than a Trillion Dollars of student debt. Then, declared every American deserves free health care, Medicare for all and guaranteeing free college educations for everyone if he was elected.

Democrats Love Free Stuff

Bernie’s following loved him. In politics, the idea of free stuff sells. But, not to people who work hard and have lived the American dream of rags to riches, middle class to very comfortable.

The Democrats could never quite congeal around their strange variety of candidates. Too colorful, too rich, too socialist… and there was Biden a 78-year-old legacy from the old Democratic Party days. He represented the swamp and the progressives. But he would need help to get elected— lots of help.

The Along Came Covid 19

The one single factor swaying the most votes from Trump to let Biden was Covid 19. Obama said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” And the Democrats used a tiny, little virus, unseen by the naked eye, to unseat Donald Trump. It worked!

Where the other coups to oust the madman had failed, Covid 19 emerging, erupting, and disrupting American schools, workers, and businesses— that would surely take down the President.

Covid 19 No Accident

History may determine that a virus coming from China was no accident. This great medical disrupter still needed co-conspirators. They emerged quickly.

The media, a New York governor, the NYC mayor combined with a previously unheard of “pandemic expert” named Dr. Faulci created a near-panic out of a pandemic. Fear, panic, and lockdowns were the answer we were told.

Who Was That Unmasked Man?

Never wearing a mask, telling Americans they don’t need masks, Trump and Faulci held dreary news conferences day after day. Little did Trump realize he was being used to spread a false narrative that a virus—like the bubonic plague—had arrived on American shores. We were all going to die unless the government saved us.

The New York mayor demanded that Trump send Naval hospital ships to save them. He did. The media and Democrats demanded hospitals be built in a NY convention center. They were. Doctors, nurses, and medical personnel across the country invaded New York City. A free hospital was built in Central Park. They sat idle waiting on plague that was bad, but no bubonic plague.

Then the media yelled VENTILATORS, we’re short the ventilators we must have to save the hospitalized. Trump, and American corporations (the guys who had sent their manufacturing to China) went to work. Problem one was time to build a new manufacturing base inside the country. The Covid 19 victims in life or death situations did not have time. Lives were lost in the mean time.

Lockdown! Lockdown! Bend the Curve

We just need to “bend the curve” was Dr. Fauci’s mantra. If we close down everything for just two weeks, we’ll bend the curve. Just bend the curve. Two weeks didn’t sound like an extreme measure for Americans to sacrifice for the good of all.

But the financial damage added up as two weeks of lockdowns became months on end. Congress passed an emergency $2.6 Trillion Dollar bill to save the economy. Who in Washington is against spending money?


Wild Stock Market Ride 

Stocks crashed, the Federal Reserve stepped in and the market bounced back in an amazing V shape recovery. (Stocks have gone on to hit new highs thanks to the massive money creation by the Federal Reserve. Fake money is always a miracle cure for Stock Market ailments.)

Clearly, Dems needed more to take full advantage of this crisis. Crying wolf had worked early on, but failed as Covid 19 patients never arrived at the hospital ship. Nobody arrived at the convention center or to the temporary Central Park tents in hospitals.

Covid 19 – Just Another Bad Flu or a Massive Killer?

This new virus was not as deadly as was predicted. Not as dangerous to the younger population, teens or kids as was the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-1919. Keeping kids away and home schooling created more problems than it solved. Businesses shut down a financial disaster. This virus was definitely a different flu. Our response, deadly to the American economy.

Covid 19 was primarily killing the elderly, the weak, and those already in nursing homes. Pretty much nothing was done at first to protect the most vulnerable— the confined elderly. People were dying, but the death toll still wasn’t adding up to the media hype or the government’s once wild predictions of two million American deaths. Maybe Dr. Faulci wrong or maybe we did bend the curve.

Deadly Nursing Homes

Then, things changed in New York where the media lives. The virus spread. In nursing homes, visitors and workers were still coming in and out. In NYC most nursing care personnel rode subways or buses to get to work. No masks, not enough gloves for workers. Not enough alcohol and anti-bacterial agents. Too many at-risk old folks too close together.

Early on we realized the elderly were at high risk. We did little to nothing for them. The death count rose. When NY hospital beds had to be rationed, the elderly recovering from Covid 19 could have been sent to the convention center. But no, they were sent back to nursing homes. Under threat of government action, nursing homes were forced to take back the Covid patients. And so, the death toll exploded in a small geographic area in the East. Ditto for an Oregon nursing home.

You know the rest of the story. And so Biden’s number one theme was “Trump mishandled the Covid 19 Pandemic.” Trump killed 200,000 Americans who should not have died. The media continued to hammer that Trump had done everything wrong. The Biden strategy worked.

By an indeterminable slim margin in a states, Biden won. The media won. Trump’s critics won. The Democrats won. The socialists won. The Chinese dictators won. It marked the end of “Making America Great Again” for over 70 million Trump supporters.

Supreme Court—Last Bastion of Hope

The direction America heads for the next four years will be unmistakably “progressive.” The liberal media, like the New York Times, will see their subscriptions fall dramatically. CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC—who were struggling to survive with Trump—will see viewerships continue to decline. Some cable news sources will consolidate. Some will disappear.

History will later report that liberal media and their fake news machines shot themselves in the foot getting rid of Trump. What or who will they focus on next?  I can hear TVs turning off now.

The near-half of the country that supported Trump’s policies and his efforts to drain the swamp will forever appreciate his sacrifices. The Supreme Court and conservative Federal judges across America will be Trump’s greatest legacy.

Over the next four years, the courts will ultimately be the last hope to slow the advance of progressives and socialists.

We will now hand off the Covid 19 Pandemic and it’s ensuing financial crisis to the Democrats. We are praying for you and wish you all the best!