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February 25, 2024

Lowest Interest Rates in 5,000 Years

Lowest Interest Rates in 5,000 Years

This chart shows that interest rates are now the lowest they have been in more than 5,000 years! It’s pitiful for anyone who just wants a safe place to park their money in a bank, grow their savings and have it FDIC insured.

Central bankers worldwide have conspired with the Federal Reserve to do what was once unimaginable— they’ve destroyed any reason for savers to keep money in the bank.

With super-low interest rates, the U.S. Government can pay far less interest on the accumulated national debt exceeding $27 Trillion Dollars.

Central bankers have broken all financial norms so that they can reward spenders and punish savers.  The entire Washington consort of politicians have responded by spending us into the poorhouse.

It’s inconceivable to me that 535 men and women in Congress have burdened our population of 328 million with a debt load that can never be repaid.

What’s their next move? I need to know because Gold is telling me that something awful is on the way.