We Loved You Trump!

We Loved You Trump!

America, looks like Biden and his liberal, socialist friends may be headed back to the White House. We’ll miss President Trump. He once sent me and my wife checks for $1,200 each personally signed by his Treasury printing presses.

I like Trump. Trump was different. Trump was arrogant, obnoxious, lovable and funny. Trump was anti-establishment and wanted government to just stay out of the way… unless he was spending money.

Trump loved the Federal Reserve until they raised interest rates. He hammered the chief until he was bloody and lowered them back again.

As President, he had many fine attributes that were dictator-like. He was stubborn, insisted on having his own way. He refused to listen to his advisors or  critics even when he knew they were right.

I’ll always think of him as “President Tweeter.” If the liberal media was looking at getting some rest on a slow news day, he fed them some red meat that had the media dogs barking all day. If you don’t make up news, they will.

Others may remember Trump as a showman, an entertainer, or a bright light of hope for the silent majority.

The media will remember him like President Nixon. Tricky Dicky also despised the liberal newspapers and TV media. Nixon would have more media to hate these days.

We were recently reminded of Nixon when Joe Biden kept saying over and over again, “I am not a crook.” Well, those weren’t his exact words but that’s what I heard. A younger generation heard— “I didn’t do a thing, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove a thing”

I’ve been thinking years ahead of how the New York Times will eventually stop wasting paper and go all electronic. They would determine from Google mail if you were Republican or Liberal. They would then feed you a pablum of weak syrup news targeted to put you into a world where you hear only what you already believe, say, and think.

News would become nothing more than an echo chamber for readers. Wait, you say we already have that on Facebook and Twitter? I wouldn’t know, we’ve always ignored them both.

The media, of course, will continue to chase Trump around wherever he lives, whatever he does. When we heard the disappointing news that he may not be re-elected, we decided his family should start producing The Apprentice on Fox.  they could film a full season in the White House before he has to leave.

Murdock should sell the Trump family Fox News and have him broadcast live daily from the Trump Towers. He has enough stamina and motor mouth in him that he could do an hour morning show, a noon update, and replace Bret Baer on the evening news.

Lookout Nora O’Donald! Trump could blast your ratings into oblivion. Of course, NBC has Brian Williams stashed away somewhere. I never understood why NBC fired him for lying on TV… wasn’t that his job?

I can hear him now, “Good evening I’m Donald Trump with a Fake News update. This evening on NBC, Norah McDonald made up a bunch of stuff about Republican X…. She’s a liar, a bitch, and pretty stupid. I hear she’s been fooling around behind her husband’s back with Matt Lauer— what another big loser.”

Apparently, anyone can make up fake news and attempt to destroy someone else as long as you’re protected by Free Speech and Freedom of the Press on Cable TV. If you are pretending to be a news organization, like MSNBC, you may not have many viewers, but you can sure enjoy damaging people’s lives.

Wait, the election has not been settled yet. But, if Biden really does win you can bet that the IRS, the new liberal Attorney General and the FBI will never give Trump a moment of peace.

Who knows, Trump may move to Argentina, take all his leftover MAGA caps and run for Presidente using the slogan— “Make Argentina Great Again!” Imagine what he could do to fix the oil industry and fight for democracy and against socialists. The people would love him!

On the bright side, Trump can play golf every day, play with his grandkids and fiddle around with that beautiful wife of his. Oh, it’s been a tough four years for Trump being rich, living in the White House, always being right, fighting with the media, being a TV star every day, and having thousands hail him as America’s savior. All in all, in was an interesting four years.

Donald Trump, thanks for the memories— good and bad.