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February 25, 2024

Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus… in the White House

Santa Biden arrived just after Christmas and now has the elves in Congress working on a $1.9 Trillion Dollar fiscal stimulus. Hammering away in their House workshops, while Treasury Secretary cheers them on. Meanwhile, the Senate takes a break from work to again act as “impartial” jurors in the second impeachment of ex-President Donald Trump.

What About Another Stimulus?

Santa is telling us people are hurting and we must give them more money to eat, pay the rent, and sit home unemployed. We are absolutely, 100% in favor of providing support for the needy— but families making $200,000 a year are not needy. The cutoff should be far lower than that!

Common sense will tell alert you to the fact that you can’t send out $600 checks last year, another $600 in January and yet another $1,400 coming soon. Santa can’t deliver all those checks without post office help and electronic funds transfers.

The Big Question About Stimulus Checks

Where does all that money come from in a nation that’s already $27.8 Trillion Dollars in debt? It comes from hidden taxation and future inflation, that’s where.

Beyond the coming inflation, our worse fear is taking place right before our eyes— the total destruction of the U.S. Dollar! The more money Washington creates, the less each existing dollar is worth until no on wants to own U.S. Dollars.

Dear Mr. President Claus, You can’t push out fake money, rental checks, unemployment compensation AND a total of $2,000 in checks this year to help folks your policies just got fired.

Keep in mind, Santa Claus just killed 11,000 jobs on the Canadian pipeline where $5 Billion Dollars in infrastructure investments lie in the ground, totally unproductive, and useless. Canada’s oil will continue to move above ground, by rail, in trains that are often three miles long.  Thanks Santa!

How many jobs does that train create— one, maybe two engineers to drive each train! The oil still goes from Canada ultimately to Gulf Coast refiners by rail hardly making a dent in the green energy efforts.

The Fed Conspiracy Continues

Santa’s helpers over at the Federal Reserve have certainly not been laid off. Instead, they’ve been working through the Trump Administration, and now with Biden, to willingly and eagerly add $7,414,942,000,000… rounded off to $7.414 Trillion Dollars to the Federal Reserve balance sheet.

Here’s the chart from the Federal Reserve website.

Huge Upward Spike in Newly Created Money Will Create Inflation

In our opinion, there is a huge risk in adding another $1.9 Trillion Dollars in debt to the backs of American taxpayers— more and more inflation until the world’s reserve currency simply implodes.

Sadly, we may all be aboard the Titanic sailing speedily along into a danger we cannot even imagine. Remember this—

Every paper currency ever created has become worthless… given enough time.

But the spending is just beginning with the progressives

We will end this discussion with the headlines above from Fox Business today which pretty much explains why it’s never enough!


Santa Biden image provided by Zazzle